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Our mission and business strategy is simple: 

To develop long term relationships with our customers, getting to know their needs, and obtaining a deep knowledge of their infrastructure to be able to respond fast and effectively, providing quality products and workmanship.

We truly believe that the good service only begins once the service technicians get familiar with the customer's equipment and operation.                            

We have been building on that basis, providing equipment and service to businesses since 1985.

We have experienced telecom and IT technicians ready to assist on the most challenging situations, with vast experience on the field. Superior Communications started working on VoIP and using it on production systems as early as the mid 90's, achieving international Toll Call Bypass and trunking. Design and deployment of Cisco based call centers extensions, with toll free calls originating in the USA. Security and emergency call systems for major mall operators, remote maintenance and monitoring of Nortel and Avaya switches. When you contact us to develop a solution for your telephony, data transmission, or any related application, our main focus is to include equipment that is easily available, recognized in the industry. This allows us to always maintain a failsafe replacement, resulting in minimum down times, better service and peace of mind for you and your organization. We will not settle on solutions tailored by Telco providers or Online resellers that are not suitable for your Company, just because it gives the salesperson a nice comission. We work for you, we defend you. It is not about a big profit on the first sale, we are substainable because of our long term relationships and your continued business. We think out of box, and take very seriously your business continuity, that is why we always will insist on taking additional precautions when we install a new system, or when we detect an eminent failure or weak point: Hard Drive backups or cloning for key pieces of equipment that had been in service for a long time, as in Voice mail systems with more than 5 years in operation. Backup of databases if they have not been performed regularly at the moment we start working on your account, documentation of cabling, auto attendant processes, data storage, cabling plant, Telco providers, users and passwords, web domain registrars, logons to all service providers and accounts : Do you have all these handy ? Anything that would allow us to put your company back to work is worth more than you can imagine when something fails. In our dedicated and securely encrypted data storage we maintain floor plans, database backups and even telephone call recordings for all customers that subscribe to our  services, and those records get automatically replicated to the Amazon Cloud, making them fully redundant and available from anywhere at anytime.


The team is ready to take on your troubles. Call or write us at anytime.

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